Car Accidents

Hiring a personal injury attorney is critical if you are injured in a car accident. Many accident victims represent themselves and don't get the adequate compensation they need and deserve. Studies show that hiring the right attorney to handle a car accident case is compensated much more than an accident victim handling the case themselves. A significant amount of compensation is left on the table because accident victims don't know all the legalities and processes needed to maximize their compensation. 

Insurance companies will offer injured parties a minimal amount of compensation because they know that accident victims don't know or understand all the steps necessary to get full compensation for their injuries.  Many times, insurance companies offer minimal amounts of compensation immediately after the accident to take advantage of the injured party.  Until a proper diagnosis is assessed, future injuries or medical treatment is unknown.  Therefore, it is imperative to see a doctor to properly assess your injuries immediately after the accident.  We can help guide victims through the whole process.  At Rodriguez & Williamson, PLLC, we will fight on your behalf, ensuring that you get the compensation for medical, repair costs, lost wages and pain and suffering.