Slip and Falls

Landlords and Property owners have a duty to ensure that the property they own are in a reasonably safe condition for guests and other individuals entering the premises. Owners have a duty to inspect and fix dangerous conditions as soon as they are made aware of the dangerous condition.  Even if the defendant agrees that there was a dangerous condition, and that the hazard caused the accident, the property owner is likely to argue that they did not know about the hazard and that they could not have reasonably “discovered” the hazard before you slipped.  There are many different hazards that cause slip and fall accidents.  Typically, these accidents are as a result of puddles or wet areas, objects on the ground, loose tiles or flooring, cracks, unsafe waxed floors and improperly installed carpeting.  An attorney who is well versed on Florida law as it relates to slip and fall accidents, may be the difference in obtaining just compensation for your claim. We will vigorously fight to obtain the compensation you need and deserve.