Criminal Defense

If you have been arrested or accused of a crime in Florida, speak with the criminal defense attorneys at Rodriguez & Williamson, PLLC.  Our goal is to vigorously and effectively defend individuals facing all types of misdemeanors, felonies, state charges, and federal charges. Fighting for our clients' freedoms is our top priority, and an obligation we take very seriously.  

While prosecutors may be seeking a conviction, we are more interested in protecting your Constitutional rights.  We know what it takes to make a difference for our clients. We want to see you get a second chance at life and an opportunity for a better future. Results matter to us just as much as they matter to you. When the pressure is on, we rise to the occasion to provide our clients with our best efforts to ensure a favorable outcome.  We will defend you in various criminal matters including, but not limited to:

  • Assault & Battery
  • DUI
  • Domestic Violence
  • Drug Crimes
  • Theft Crimes
  • Violent Crimes

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